5 ways to be the ideal candidate

By Nicola Southon | 28th June 2022

Want to learn tips and tricks to be the ideal candidate?

Becoming the ideal candidate may seem out of your control. You might think, ‘My CV speaks for itself.’ Sometimes maybe yes, sometimes maybe no.

Improve your odds, and the process, with 5 ways to be the ideal candidate.

It’s in the bag

Not always.

There’s a lot that can happen between CV received and job offered. True, your location, salary expectations experience plays a vital role. But there’s more that you can do to land your dream job.

5 ways to be the ideal candidate

  1. Feedback – getting and giving

Whether you’re applying through an agency or directly, feedback never goes to waste. Feedback demonstrates your level of interest on the outcome of an interview and shows preparation and intent. In cases where you’re not successful, feedback provides constructive context to get you armed for success in your next interview.

That’s because gaining insight is a powerful thing. Being ‘in the know’ about how the process is coming along, only benefits you! And while you’re at it, give YOUR feedback!

TOP TIP – When a recruiter, as well as a potential employer, knows what you’re thinking and feeling, it can only make your career journey smoother for everyone involved.

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  1. Build Your Brand

Personal branding is smart. It’s a way to make you stand out as the professional of choice. And it opens doors. Because more positive exposure means more opportunities.

There’s nothing sweeter to recruiters than a candidate that has a clear and concise career, with a vision of what the future looks like for them. Whether you are entry-level or a seasoned pro, knowing your career strengths and your targets is key when selling yourself. In turn, it naturally creates your personal brand to share in every interview.

TOP TIP – Whilst branding yourself for a new job should be professional, don’t forget the biggest part of that brand, is you! So let your personality shine.

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  1. Develop Your Skills

Isn’t it great when an interview is one and done? That’s rarely the case anymore.

If you find yourself in the process of a 2, 3 or even 4 stage interview process, think about developing your skills in the field for which you’re applying. Upskilling or developing your knowledge on subject matter, between stages, is a great way to show that you are constantly evolving. That, and you have a passion for your career. It really can be the difference between you and another candidate.

TOP TIP – developing your skills means that you are a subject matter expert, who can share their insights to improve outcomes.

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  1. Tailor Your CV

Tailoring your CV can be a controversial topic in recruitment.

Why? Because a lot of candidates feel their CVs are already overloaded with information and adding more would only be confusing. While having a neat CV is still important, it’s crucial to tailor your CV to the role you’re applying for!

By no means should you lie about your experience or give false information. Tailoring your CV means highlighting your relevant skills that the job ad requires. Given how quicky employers and recruiters scan a CV, make it obvious that you are the perfect fit.

TOP TIP – Tailor your CV to individual jobs, ensuring required skills are front and centre

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  1. Keep in Touch

Keeping in touch with recruiters is an excellent way to stay fresh in their minds. If you’re unsuccessful in an interview, keeping in touch with recruiters will only multiply your chances of them reaching out to you again, in the event they have a new role come along.

Having an excellent rapport with a recruiter can be the smartest thing you can do. Whether your unsuccessful or successful in securing your IT job, you know you’ll always have that great professional relationship with your recruiter for when it comes time to move onto your next challenge.

TOP TIP – Keep in regular contact with your recruiters.

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