Career advice for IT leaders

By Matt Hayes | 12th April 2023

It can be lonely at the top for IT leaders. Even when you’re experienced, recognising that support is necessary is a key component of being an IT leader.

We’ve compiled some top career advice for IT leaders. If you want to continue to grow and succeed in your career, drive innovation and success within your organisation, IT leaders need to, well, lead the way.

Top tips for IT leaders

  1. Keep up with the latest tech

Stay on top of what’s new and what’s next in the tech world. It’ll help you make informed decisions and give you a fresh perspective. As a result, you can continue to provide valuable insights to your business.

  1. Build a boss team

A great team can make all the difference. Find the best people (not a punt for Devonshire Hayes. Really.) keep them motivated and foster a positive work environment. Because the success of any IT project depends on the quality of the team. Therefore, as an IT leader, it’s important to attract, retain, and motivate top talent, and foster a positive and collaborative work environment.

  1. Communicate like a pro

Being able to communicate technical info to both tech and non-tech people is key. Make sure your team and stakeholders understand what you’re saying. Refining your communication skills to convey what needs to be conveyed, will build trust and credibility along the way. As an IT leader mastering communication will make it easier to influence future technology decisions at the top table.

  1. Embrace change

Change is the only constant in technology, so embrace it! Embracing change can keep you ahead of the game and bring new ideas to said table, helping you drive innovation within your business, cementing you as the go-to for latest technology trends.

  1. Keep learning

Don’t stop at what you already know. Whether it’s taking courses, attending conferences, or finding a mentor, keep learning and growing. As a result, IT leaders will be up-to-date and bring new ideas and perspectives to their work and the company’s success.

  1. Lead by doing

Be a leader that sets an example. Do what you expect from your team and create a positive and productive work environment. That means demonstrating the values, behaviours, and work ethic that you expect. By doing so, IT leaders can set the tone for a positive and productive work environment, getting the much needed buy-in from your team and stakeholders alike.

Best soft skills for IT leaders

Next month we’ll be sharing the best soft skills for IT leaders to succeed and why they’re important. There’s some real value in these, so keep an eye out. Before we sign off, there is one more piece of career advice for IT leaders that we’d like to share. And that is to take care of yourself.

Your physical and mental health are more important than ever. This is an often-overlooked part of leadership. We’re not saying go and sign up for the London Marathon but if you feel you need to boost your mental health, recognise that.

Set yourself personal goals that matter as much as your business goals. Because collectively, they will make a difference to you, those around you and your success.

Until next time.

Matt Hayes