Cloud & infrastructure

By Matt Hayes | 20th October 2021

As a result of transforming IT infrastructure into an efficient and strategic business foundation, technology-driven performance improves and costs significantly reduce.

Businesses know this. That’s why Cloud and infrastructure are at the forefront of many organisations to-do list. What are the hiring challenges within Cloud & infrastructure?

Recruitment round-up

Hiring challenges in technology

The technology sector is thriving, increasing opportunities and choice for technology professionals. As a result, companies are facing bottlenecks in their hiring.

Talent is instrumental for organisations to realise their Cloud and infrastructure success. Consequently, we’re hearing all too often, from our clients, a recurring concern over securing the right technology talent.

Here’s a round-up from our recruitment specialists. Read their take on hiring in this space, the challenges, hot technology jobs and technology skills in demand.

1. Challenges in the market

The market is at its most buoyant.

Candidates are receiving multiple job offers. Therefore increasing their choice and delivering the opportunity for them to be selective with their options.  As a result, clients looking to hire are in a challenging position. In this instance, they could really like a candidate but can’t offer as much as a competitor may be able to.

Conor Honeyball – Cloud & infrastructure recruitment specialist

One of the challenges we are seeing in the current market is predecessor of the pandemic. Candidates are very used to not having to commute at all. Businesses are now trying to build that ever-admirable office environment again, which has been lost over the last 20 months.

To reduce this loggerhead, candidates need to realise how important a team culture / environment is. And employers need to move assess and flex their working models to accommodate needs to secure consistent growth.

Taylor Ironmonger – Cloud & infrastructure recruitment specialist

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2. What hiring organisations are looking for

We’re seeing a consistent and high demand for AWS and Azure consultants. These are being requested frequently. Therefore, are leading the charge as the hot technologies in the market as of right now, taking up a lot of the market space in the Cloud sector.

Conor Honeyball – Cloud & infrastructure recruitment specialist

Naturally, the digital world hasn’t really slowed down. Every industry has a focus on IT & Cloud, therefore it is often at the top of everyone’s priority list, next to hiring. I have seen a consistent need for contract Azure Engineers, Modern Workplace Consultants and Azure DevOps Engineers.

There is a buzz in the public sector with a percentage of these requirements needing SC Clearance.

Taylor Ironmonger – Cloud & infrastructure recruitment specialist

3. In-demand technology skills

Technology professionals that are specialised within one area, either GCP, AWS or Azure are sought after.

If you have further qualifications, AWS certifications stand out for their thoroughness and rigor for critical cloud engineering positions. An AWS certification shows that you have the skills and the knowledge to design, deploy, or manage applications on Amazon Web Services. Therefore, if you’re AWS-certified, it tells potential employers that you have what it takes to build and manage AWS solutions for them.

Conor Honeyball – Cloud & infrastructure recruitment specialist

Clients would like to see a progression in the certifications. However, I don’t believe that stand alone certifications matter to an employer and hands on commercial experience bears far more weight.

A healthy mix between qualification and hand on experience speaks real volumes.

Taylor Ironmonger – Cloud & infrastructure recruitment specialist

Whatever your reason for embarking on a new or better career in technology, expectations are high. As much as tech jobs are in demand, there is also a lot of work that lies ahead.

We can help identify your motivations and align your needs and skills with a company where you can develop and scale your IT career. Is upskilling is high on your agenda? We’re working with amazing clients who prioritise training for their employees, therefore talk to us to find out about the opportunities available to you.

4. Latest jobs

Here are some of the hot jobs we’re working on right now. In this instance, they are some of the most consistent we’re seeing requirements for by organisations:

  • Cloud Cost Optimization Analyst
  • Technical or Solution Architect
  • Cloud and Infrastructure Engineer
  • Cloud Engineer

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The wrap up

The technology world has witnessed a seismic boost in the tech industry. This trajectory has ushered in a new wave of interest in high-demand technology job and  increased competition for this talent.

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