Day in the life of Conor Honeyball

By Nicola Southon | 29th November 2021

Meet, Conor, one of Devonshire Hayes’ most recent promotion, a serial eater (yet manages to remain under 11 stone) and resident Cloud & Infrastructure specialist.

Conor, aka Rodney, is a rare, limited, football boot collector and joined Devonshire Hayes almost 1 year ago.

Here’s what Conor has to say about his life at Devonshire Hayes.

A typical day for Conor

A typical day for me looks like resourcing roles or attracting new clients to the business, whilst being able to have banter in the office with colleagues.

My favourite part of the job ?

My favourite part of the job is the work hard, play hard attitude. We work extremely hard and are always pushing each other to our full potential. When we aren’t working, we have a laugh and as  a result, we have an excellent team relationship.

I am most proud of…

The company culture, values and ambitions for the future. It’s an exciting journey to be on and we’re all contributing to our shared purpose to empower people to inspire innovation that shapes the future.

The value that resonates the most

The guiding principle that resonates the most with me is “Love what you do”.

Passion is our motivator. We start each day inspired to make an impact because we want to make something better, today. And that takes passion and ambition to succeed and reach goals that you’ve set – striving to reach your full potential.

Recognition & reward ?

Being able to come into the office and work hard to hit targets set, then be rewarded for your hard work with excellent incentives set by Directors. This is one of my favourite benefits.

It’s always nice to know your hard work gets recognised and celebrated. It’s even better when you are rewarded for it. This makes you want to work harder. ?

I am motivated by…

The team morale. We have an excellent vibe in the office, and this enables everyone to push each other harder and help when it may not be going your way. Having supportive peers and being rewarded for your effort is always a benefit. ?

Collaborative, morality, engaging

These are the three words I use to describe Devonshire Hayes.  I love DH because of the togetherness and support you receive daily.

One random fact about me ⚽

I have played at Upton Park, the former home of the biggest club in London. Brandon may disagree.

Join our growing team (if you want to)

We’re always on the lookout for new team members to join us. As a team, we inspire each other to make great things happen.

If what you’ve read sounds like a bit of you, get in touch to talk to us about your career. You won’t regret it.

That’s a wrap for now,