A day in the life of Darcy Sims

By Matt Hayes | 29th November 2021

Meet, Darcy, Devonshire Hayes’ resident Resourcer and one of our most recent new joiners.

Darcy joined Devonshire Hayes in September 2021 and said: “Even though I’ve only been here a few months, it feels like I’ve been here forever! (in a good way ?). I couldn’t be happier to be part of the DH team”.

Here’s what Darcy has to say about her life at Devonshire Hayes.

A typical day for Darcy

Laughs, hard work and tea. That’s what a typical day for me is. We all come together in the morning to have a team meeting where we discuss potential deals, pipeline and business development, to engage more amazing companies to work with us!

The day is packed with calls, meetings, and lots of emails. So, it’s high-energy, talking to new and existing clients and making sure we get back to enquiries quickly and respectfully. Then, we get together as a team for lunch, yum, where catch up on each other lives and what we’ve all been up to.

It’s great that we spend so much time together because we know each other well and my team are my friends and colleagues. After lunch, we’re back to it, working hard and I can hand on heart say that no two days are ever the same.

My favourite part of the job ?

This is an easy one. My favourite part of the job is the people I have around me. So weird that in such a short space of time we’ve developed really close bonds – they’re family to me!

I am most proud of…

The person I have become over the past few months! The team has made me become a better version of myself and has really helped me come out of my shell. #teamlove ❤️

The value that resonates the most

The guiding principle that resonates the most with me is “together does better”.

Our success is driven by our ability to build relationships that we care about and that last well past outcomes. For me, at the heart of that is loyalty. It’s what these relationships are built on, with our candidates, clients and each other.

Valued as an individual

I truly value how understanding Matt and Chris are. No matter what the circumstance, they always have time for you and understand anything you say to them! They never judge and are always available for us. Inspirational leaders.

Hardworking, ambitious & hilarious

These are the three words I use to describe Devonshire Hayes. This place is so much fun and hard-working at the same time. We are all constantly laughing in the office!

One random fact about me ☕

I am the best tea-maker in the business. Fact! That, and I’m double jointed. ?

Join our growing team (if you want to)

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