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By Chris Devonshire | 9th November 2021

In 2022, spending on digital transformation, according to Statista, is expected to reach USD1.78 trillion. Between 2020 and 2023, direct digital transformation investments are forecast to amount to almost USD7 trillion.

Everyone expects on-demand

Today’s customers expect the same ease of technology they experience in their personal lives, in a professional capacity. Therein lies the challenge for businesses.

With people powering this new and transformative technology, organisations are fishing from the same talent pool and are left scratching their heads when this top technology talent is being lost to their competitors or counter offers.

This demand extends to hiring, where organisations are expecting recruitment to be as seamless as it has been in the years preceding 2020, before the market transformed to being heavily in the candidates’ favour.

Hiring challenges in digital transformation

brandon lobar recruitment consultant“It come as no surprise that hiring in digital transformation has accelerated to warp speed.

Consequently, we’re hearing all too often, from our clients, a recurring concern over securing the right technology talent,” says Brandon Lobar, digital transformation recruitment specialist.

Brandon Lobar Digital Transformation Recruitment Specialist


 Here’s a round-up from Brandon with his take on hiring in this space, the challenges, hot technology jobs and digital transformation skills in demand.

  1. Market challenges

It’s a simple case of supply versus demand. There are more digital transformation jobs than candidates actively looking for work.

With the levelling out of the IR35 ‘craziness’, the volume of contractors, previously looking to make the move to perm, are now significantly less, and the contract market is picking up again. As a result, permanent salaries are on the rise and counteroffers are commonplace, making it increasingly difficult to ‘sell’ a new role to technology professionals, when choice is in abundance.

  1. What does this mean for hiring organisations?

It is now just as much the business’ responsibility as it is the recruiters to highlight why a professional would want to join their organisation. The devil really is in the detail. Highlighting what’s in it for ‘them’ in a way that engages with prospective IT professionals. For example, providing clarity on the exciting projects and programmes people will be influencing and impacting in the digital transformation world.

Recruiters can only take the ‘sell’ of the benefits so far. What really makes the difference is when a hiring manager can give recruiters as much information about what makes them great – the purpose, their vision and why they’re a safe bet for a career worth pursuing.

These are the clients that are seeing the best results now.

  1. In-demand digital transformation skills

Companies are looking for digital transformation professionals with a passion for delivery and who are willing to get ‘hands-on’ with projects and programs. In addition, there are trends in in-demand skills. For example, in the current permanent market, the need for business analysts is high, where projects are beginning to kick off again and teams are coming back together in the office.

Business strategy and operational change are HOT on the agenda and Microsoft 365 adoption continues to rise. However, it is difficult to pinpoint specific things companies or industries are looking for as every business is different. And that’s what makes it exciting!

  1. Technology CVs and skills

A high percentage of digital transformation professionals we speak with are project or programme managers and business analysts.

These professionals are spending a high percentage of their day-to-day writing reports and documents. As a result, and luckily for us, this makes these professionals excellent CV writers!

If you’re struggling with getting started, here’s our top tips on creating a stand out CV that gets you noticed.

Top tip for technology professionals

We are seeing a significant increase, from clients, in the importance of LinkedIn profiles being kept up to date. Not only does this help recruiters. It helps deliver a succinct overview of your achievements, skills and successes to hiring managers who are looking at you online.

Therefore, if you’re actively applying for roles, read our advice on how to build your personal online brand for top tips.

  1. Latest jobs

If we’ve piqued your curiosity to see what’s out there, here are our latest digital transformation jobs on offer.

Below are just a few of the hot jobs we’re working on right now:

The wrap up

Digital transformation was already accelerating in the workplace before the pandemic. 2020 lit a fire under this acceleration, responding to the need to stabilise work and business ecosystems in the sudden change.

As such, this trajectory has ushered in a new wave of interest in high-demand technology job and increased competition for this talent.

Therefore, if you want to see what’s out there or just want to have a conversation about your career options, get in touch with Brandon today.

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