Diversity pledge

Committed to creating positive change.

Our diversity pledge.

Our purpose is to empower people in technology to inspire innovation and create positive change.

The way we strive to achieve this every day is by partnering the best people and businesses in technology, to shape the future, together.

And that means delivering positive, inclusive and accessible experiences, and environments, for all professionals to thrive. Both for ourselves, IT professionals and the businesses for whom we recruit.

We have an obligation to our customers, and each other, to continually endorse and advocate the positive outcomes achieved by greater diversity. Because greater diversity:

  1. encourages creativity and fosters inclusion – vital to achieving better business outcomes,
  2. increases different opinions and debates – resulting in better commercial decisions, and
  3. creates a culture of diverse perspectives – representing an organisation that is reflective of their customer and in tune with their needs and wants.

The best person for the job.

Our mission is to create opportunities for people to exceed their career and company ambitions with passion, empathy and respect.

That means continuing to promote, and support, individuals to thrive in the career they choose, regardless of ethnicity, sexuality, gender or physical abilities.  Because the best person for the job starts and ends with skill, capability and potential.

Every day is one step closer

We see the ultimate diversity goal as providing equal opportunity to all professionals, enabling everyone to build a career they can be proud of, in an organisation they want to work in.

We’re not there yet. We know that. Every day, we’re making a move in the right direction, that we plan to build on, by increasing awareness within organisations to provide environments where all employees feel included, and have the tools and assistance in place, to support their needs.

Our diversity pledge

We continually lead with our values and beliefs. It’s how we hire for ourselves and for organisations. We want our people to advocate change by demonstrating our guiding principles in everything they do, ensuring that everyone is treated with fairness and respect. Knowledge is pivotal to challenging discrimination – conscious or unconscious. We deliver the development tools to help our employees do exactly that.

We are committed to:

  1. Onboarding diversity training for all employees
  2. Delivering fair and transparent pay structures, benefits and career progression opportunities
  3. Creating attraction strategies for internal recruitment that focus on skills and capability only
  4. Engaging external diversity, equity and inclusion specialists to advise on best practices
  5. 1-2-1 consultations with employees to identity any potential issues they may be experiencing
  6. Creating an inclusive environment where you can bring your whole self to work
  7. Promoting accountability for yourself and each other by referencing our guiding principles and the actions they must encourage.
  8. Management training to proactively support the diverse cultures and needs of each individual
  9. Ensuring our recruitment process is inclusive and accessible
  10. Where possible, we aim to create reasonable adjustments to support employees who acquires disability or long-term health conditions.

Many organisations, Devonshire Hayes included, have got a long way to go to create a fully open, diverse and accessible environment for everyone.

We’re working on it, and we look forward to continuing to do so.

Chris Devonshire & Matt Hayes