How can AI help job seekers?

By Matt Hayes | 18th March 2024

It’s a competitive job market out there. That’s why seeing the best IT jobs first and getting yourself noticed may seem time-consuming and daunting. That’s when AI can be your ally. But CV support is just the tip of the AIceberg.

So, how can AI help job seekers? Well, as long as you know how to use it, it can support you to be seen, secure interviews and impress hiring managers.

In addition, AI can seriously improve efficiency and effectiveness because, let’s face it, the process of job searching, setting up your CV and getting yourself out there takes time. Unless you have an ace IT recruitment partner that does all the heavy lifting for you. Ahem, that’s us. Let’s get started.

Ways that AI can help job seekers

Here are just some of the ways that AI, if used correctly, can help you get that step closer to your dream IT job.

  1. AI CV builders

Selling yourself doesn’t come easy for everyone because condensing your experience into impactful bullet points is not easy. If you’ve been on the wrong side of losing hours to a blinking cursor on a blank page, this one’s for you.  CV builders not only highlight your experience in a way that stands out, it optimises your skills by key phrases that will resonate with AI applicant tracking systems that many employers use.

From CV summaries, education, skills and structure to creating a design template customisable by colours and fonts, you’ll end up with a CV that is true to your skillset and personal brand. As a result, you’ll have a CV that stands out.

  1. AI job matching tools

There is more to life than endless scrolling and trawling through multiple job boards. Job matching has been around for a long time with most job boards offering this service as standard. AI advancement means that you can now use one platform to do the work for you. For example, there are platforms that, once you’ve set up your profile (probably the most time consuming part), you can sit back and watch the job matches roll in.

The more specific you are, the better the results you’ll receive. They’re  a bit like a dating app, but for jobs. You’ll complete a series of job preference questions, like location, remote and availability. Then, you’ll fill out your bio, which is largely what your CV (all newly written and keyword optimised) covers, namely experience and skills.

In some cases there are platforms that go so far as to run assessments which measures your work traits, values and motivation. Like we said, the more you put into it… What this means is that when you see something you like, actually applying to it is as easy as one click.

  1. Networking and email outreach

If you’re on a mission to get in front of as many hiring managers in organisations you’d love to join, you’ve likely created a list of contacts for cold outreach. If you’re getting no response from sending the same email out to multiple organisations, then you might need an assist.

There are AI tools that can help generate ‘personalised’ outreach messages en-masse. All these tools need is some information from you to help get the prompts started. If you want to get real smart about it, and you want this outreach to come from your email, there are AI tools that  can connect your Gmail with these types of systems which means that you can use AI to generate follow up and thank you emails, As a result, you’re constantly front of mind.

  1. AI Interview practice

These tools do exactly what is says on the tin. It simulates interview scenarios and gives you real time feedback for you to perfect your interview techniques. Think of it as a pocket interview coach.

Therefore, you can practice interviews in a low-stakes environment which means you can have as many interview ‘warmups’ as you need. And a do-over is not only welcomed, it’s encouraged.

AI is only as good as the person behind it.

Don’t let the complexities of the job market hold you back. Embrace the power of AI, but remember that human connection, network and expertise are irreplaceable elements in the recruitment process. As a job seeker, AI is a value add and not a substitute.

At Devonshire Hayes, we recognise the value of personalised support in helping candidates navigate their IT careers successfully. Our experienced recruiters combine AI tools, industry knowledge and insights and our established network to provide tailored guidance and support to job seekers at every stage of their journey.

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Matt Hayes