How to lay off employees

By Chris Devonshire | 10th November 2022

Wanna work for Twitter?

We didn’t think so. Twitter has achieved many great things. How to lay off employees is not one of them.

I mean, there are ways respectful ways of hearing that you’re fired. And then there’s the ‘Musk way’.  Laying off employees is never easy. But this highly publicised group sacking got the tongues wagging at Devonshire Hayes HQ.

It sparked a conversation about what bad experiences we’ve had previously, or one’s we’ve heard of.

If you missed the latest news, Twitter has laid off thousands of employees. By email. Signed, Twitter.

That has got to hurt.

We’re not saying that Twitter didn’t need to cut back. We’re not at the helm of that business and have no visibility of their financial status.

What we are saying is, what the…?

How to lay off employees the wrong way

Twitter is not the first company to do a terrible job at letting go of employees, nor will it be the last. But, when Elon Musk is involved, it’s going to make headline news.

Logistically, laying off that many employees, no doubt has its challenges. And let’s face it, if the company isn’t making money and can’t afford all their employees, the problem started with the previous management. BUT, prioritising speed over relationships and respect… that doesn’t sit right with us.

Is this even legal? It certainly is brutal.

Got us thinking here at Devonshire Hayes, how many bad experiences of being let go, either redundancy or firing, have you experienced?

It was a question that we asked each other. Turns out, we’ve heard some corkers.

Here are our top 3.

  1. Access denied

Getting to work and trying to access the entrance only to find your security pass isn’t working as it has been deactivated! Then instructed by reception to go to a meeting room and be told you have been fired.

  1. The time to text… is not now

Receiving a text from your boss in America overnight, to inform you that your services are no longer required. And, your desk possessions will be shipped to you… in due course.

  1. When Christmas turns bad

Being told at a Christmas party to not bother coming back into work the next day, as you were sacked.

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