How to upskill for AI

By Chris Devonshire | 16th April 2024

The global AI market is size is expected to reach nearly USD2 trillion by 2030, from USD208 billion in 2023. This, according to Statista.

Therefore, it’s fair to say that AI will very likely create a significant number of new jobs by the same period. This got us thinking about IT professionals and how to upskill for AI.

IT professionals might be turning their attention to AI-related skills and programming languages to future-proof their IT career. As a result, getting to grips with AI systems, data analytics and machine learning can give you a significant career advantage.

But where to start?

Invest in learning new skills

Pluralsight’s 2023 AI skills report found that 96% of IT professionals say staying up to date on AI skills is the best way to ensure their job security. But only 12% have significant AI experience.

When you’re thinking about how to upskill for AI, a well-rounded approach of focusing on both hard and soft skills is important.

  1. Improve data skills

Data skills are imperative when considering using and building with AI efficiently. These skills include:

  • Clean and transform data
  • The ability to identify when data is flawed or incomplete
  • Select an algorithm, train and evaluate models, and visualise data

More specifically:

  • Get familiar with SQL and NoSQL database design
  • Explore and get under the hood of big data analytics tools
  • Research libraries that are used for building and training machine learning models
  1. Learn other programming languages

Being in technology means being a life-long learner. Because software development evolves as technology does. Therefore, brush up on strengthening programming language skills. The top language recommended to learn is Python.

  1. Increase foundational skills

While Python is one of the more popular programming languages, along with Java, JavaScript, and C#, according to research, it’s not all about the language, but actually what you do with it.

That’s because not all technology exists in a silo. Consequently, you want to learn foundation skills too that can be used to adapt to the latest trends, like AI.  Here’s what Pluralsight’s Tech Forecast 2024 recommends.

  • Cloud computing concepts, services, and architectures
  • Data science and data analytics
  • Proficiency in at least one programming language
  • Cybersecurity, DevOps, and DevSecOps best practices
  • Technical writing for communication and prompt engineering
  1. Don’t neglect soft skills

According to Goldman Sachs, two-thirds of jobs could be partially automated by AI. But many of these jobs will be complemented by AI, not substituted by it. Therefore, developing soft skills that set you apart from machines is equally important.

From problem solving and critical thinking to empathy, agility and change management, soft skills can be the key differentiator between getting the job you want above other candidates.

Explore the best soft skills for IT leaders.

Making yourself indispensable in AI

Whilst it’s important to upskill for AI, there are ways that AI can help job seekers too. Explore how.

If you are super curious about the future of AI and love stats like we do, check out these eye-watering AI stats and trends by SEM Rush.

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