Interviewing and AI

By Chris Devonshire | 15th February 2024

As a technology business are you leveraging AI to facilitate a smoother hiring process.

In particular, we’re talking about interviewing and AI.

In a recent survey, the results show a growing use of AI interviews. The results reveal that some 10% of businesses currently use AI-based interviews, while 17% plan to start using them this year. Are you one of them?

Or are you one of the 32% that don’t intend to start using technology-drive interviews at all? Hey, you might be on the fence right now and you’re not alone, because 20% of survey respondents are unsure of their organisations plans.

Will AI replace interviewing?

We don’t think so.

You might say, well you would say that, you’re an IT recruiter. But in reality, AI is not yet evolved enough to remove the human element of interviewing. And, while it remains to be seen about how efficient AI interviews really are in the long run, you also need to consider that come technology talent may be put off by the impersonal approach of interviewing and AI.

AI and interviewing

How can AI improve interviewing? Well the biggest benefit we can see early on is when AI serves as an early screening tool. That’s an important part of the hiring process and a key area to increase efficiencies where possible. Therefore, it stands to reason that implementing AI at this stage could be helpful in terms of reducing wasted time and effort for employers.

Finding the balance is key in the hiring process. The interview stage is pivotal in providing an opportunity for employers and employees alike to get a feel for fit and suitability outside of skills. And for now, that requires the human element. How we see AI developing within hiring is to provide recommendations on candidates to ensure that your interview shortlist, is the most suitable.

AI and hiring in general

AI continues to grow as a significant element of recruitment and organisations in the modern hiring process. It was inevitable. And, if used correctly can add significant value. The tool itself is still only as good as the human using it.
Whist AI is still reasonably new for interviews, it has been a component of recruitment for some time. From CV screening and skills assessment to video interview and chatbots.

If we circle back to interviewing, the question is how will AI transform the interview process? While still in its infancy, AI could result in overlooked candidates, especially if they don’t fit the ‘typical’ mould.

And, we must consider that there could be biases within AI algorithms, which requires humans to continually monitor and adjust, to ensure fairness and accuracy.

What’s next for AI and recruitment?

As a technology recruiter, we’re excited about the future of AI to support and assist us continue to improve efficiencies for our clients and candidates alike. As this technology continues to evolve, it’s essential that AI supports human decision-makers rather than replace them. For now, that is.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on how you are introducing AI into your hiring processes. Drop us a note to let us know.

Chris Devonshire


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