IT jobs and technology hiring in 2022

By Chris Devonshire | 3rd December 2021

The technology market hasn’t just rebounded – it’s accelerated at warp speed. Recently we published what this boom meant for technology jobs, professionals and their careers coupled with companies and their technology hiring strategies.

Wrapping up 2021, here are a few stats to really hammer home the growth in the technology market – what’s hot and what’s not. Okay, it’s all hot.

And the survey says…

Tech Nation’s jobs & skills report 2021, in conjunction with Adzuna and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, reveal some eye-watering stats that demonstrates that technology and digital transformation shows no signs of slowing down. Subsequently, neither does the opportunities for technology professionals and the continued hiring challenges for organisations.

What this report shows is that there is a direct correlation between the significant increase in spend by technology companies (and the investment being thrown at them), and the resulting creation of a high volume of technology jobs, as the demand for tech talent continues to soar.

Tech jobs – skills, location and salaries

Tech vacancies make up a higher proportion of all vacancies in the UK post-pandemic. Wow.

The average tech salary is up to 50% higher than the average salary for all jobs in the UK. What’s more, based on advertised jobs in the UK, the gap continues to widen between technology and remaining sectors.

Where is the demand strongest?

Demand is high across the UK. However, there are regions where demand has increased the most. Primarily, the East of England, Northern Ireland, South East England and the East Midlands. These regions clocked growth rates over 12.4%.

London continues to remain a firm favourite. City AM recently cited London as the most attractive destination globally, for tech talent looking to relocate. We can testify to that. In the last year alone, we’ve seen a rise in hiring requirements of 65%.

Within these regions, the top five cities ranked as best cost of living versus salary for tech roles are London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Bristol and Leeds.

Key cities with a noticeable increase in digital tech roles advertised are Preston, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Liverpool, and Newcastle.

Not only is technology contributing meaningfully to the overall health of the UK, but tech jobs are also contributing to the levelling up of local economies.

With the increase in flexibility offered to employees geographically coupled with the adoption of flexible working and the infrastructure to enable it, it’s not a giant leap to assume also improve is the quality of life for people in technology. Location is no longer a barrier to the larger salaries.

Top technology job in demand

Who holds the crown?

According to this data, that goes to the illustrious Software Developer. It is still the number one sought-after role, accounting for 9% of all advertised technology jobs.

Which tech jobs pay the most?

That accolade goes to Front End Developers and Data Scientists. This data reflects that these roles have seen the highest increase in salary over the past three years coming in at a whopping 34% and 31% respectively.

Technology experience counts

The median salary offered for senior tech roles is twice that of junior tech roles. There is an increasing demand for senior roles across the technology sector. A primary reason, one can assume, is because businesses want experience to facilitate a quicker rollout of their large-scale transformation plans.

Final word

That’s the data in a nutshell.  Explore the incredible opportunities in data, infrastructure, digital transformation and cloud that our clients are offering.

Chris Devonshire