Music, technology and recruitment

By Nicola Southon | 9th June 2022

What does music, technology and recruitment have in common?

Jazmin Jaycock talks her love of music, technology and how it ties into recruitment. Giving you insight into Jazmin as more than a recruiter.

Jazmin joined Devonshire Hayes technology recruitment as a first-time recruiter just 4 months ago. Her now field of expertise is Cloud and Infrastructure, recruiting for Service Desks, Infrastructure Managers, Head of IT’s, Cloud Managers and many more.

The recruitment bug has well and truly bitten, and Jazmin strives to achieve Devonshire Hayes’ shared purpose to empower people in technology to inspire innovation and create positive change. She does that through partnering the best people and businesses in technology, to shape the future, together.

What is it about music?

Since the age of 6, I have been playing instruments and singing. Music has always been my calling.

I wrote my first ever song when I joined secondary school. To this day, it is my most memorable accomplishment. I have learned that if you can’t do something, it must become your mission to become an expert. With this mentality, you can accomplish anything you want in life. And it’s an ethos I have brought into my recruitment career.

Why recruitment?

After university, I wanted to expand my knowledge beyond the music industry. That’s when I was introduced to recruitment. I started my journey in recruitment with no experience. However, with the mindset to become an expert and with the help from two of the most caring and supportive managers, I know that within time I will see success for my clients, candidates and myself.

Joining Devonshire Hayes, I had no clue how much I would learn about IT and technology. All within a short time frame. I was oblivious to the extent as to which the world depends on technology. And the impact of recruitment on technology.

Music, technology & recruitment

To be able to link music and technology together was the best feeling for me personally. This means that I can incorporate my passion with my job! Once I had this eureka moment, I got thinking. Thinking about the insane moments during lockdown where musicians and IT technicians worked with Fortnite to create the world’s first live virtual concert.

The concert had an astounding volume of attendees. 12.5 million! A number which could never have happened at an in-person event.



Respect for technology professionals

During lockdown, I used my time sunbathing and teaching myself to produce music. A winning combination of R&R and self-development.

I went from only been able to write lyrics and play instruments to producing backing tracks and recording my own music independently. It was a steep learning curve. One that was totally worth it. Now, I’m a bona fide a one-man band.

Hours, days and weeks were invested into understanding software. Technology has never been a strength of mine. Therefore, not the easiest undertaking.

Technology is difficult. That’s a take-away from the experience and knowledge of self-learning. Dedicating endless amount of time to understand what seems like a simple task, makes me really connect and respect every candidate I speak to.

And, it has helped and inspired me to be the best IT recruiter I can be. I’m still learning. While I will have in-depth knowledge of all technology, systems and languages, I will forever respect technology professionals, and their dedication to mastering their profession.

Technology is about connecting

That’s a bit about me and my journey to technology recruitment. It’s something I wanted to share with my connections to give you better insight into me as a person. And double up as a shout out to all technology specialists. Keep being amazing.

I will continue to build amazing connections on the foundation of our mutual respect for what we all do. I view incredible CVs daily. Here’s some of my skills. Hope you enjoy.

Build a career you love

Finding something you’re passionate about within your work place really does go a long way and can bridge that gap between enjoying your job and loving it! I’m the latter camp. I am a musician and an IT recruiter. Both bring me joy for many reasons. If you’re looking for your next career move, I’d love to hear from you.

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Thanks for reading.

Jazmin Jaycock