Are you in the sixty percent considering a new IT job in 2022?

By Matt Hayes | 9th January 2022

Are you an IT professional looking for more money, greater flexibility, an improved working environment and training & development? Now’s the to get the technology job you want.

Skillsoft reported that the number of IT decision makers facing a talent shortage has grown to 76%. The report goes on to say that 54% of IT decision-makers say they have job openings that they can’t fill.

Look around your group of friends. It’s likely that at least one of you have big designs on a new technology career.

Now is the time to strengthen your technology career

Are you that 1? If so, here’s why now is a great time to be investing in your career and looking for technology opportunities to suit you and your lifestyle.

  1. Businesses are building back, fast

The tech talent shortage and skills gap are increasing. As businesses are building back fast, they are vying for the top tech talent.

That’s great news for technology professionals. Because as competition for talent continues, technology professionals hold the cards when it comes to negotiating:

  • pay and benefits
  • development and growth
  • flexible working
  • and wellbeing
  1. Salaries and job security is on the up

“Average salaries were up across almost every region. And 52% of IT professionals reported receiving a raise this past year with the leading factor being job performance. This also signals organisations are having to pay higher salaries to attract and retain talent in critical areas such as cloud, security, and data,” the report said.

As a result, companies undergoing technology transformation know that they need to adapt their hiring strategy to attract and retain IT talent. Therefore, businesses need to pay well. Not just pay well but create competitive remuneration and benefits packages that engage with the top IT talent to ensure their projects don’t stall.

IT jobs

  1. New year and all that

We’re only human after all. And new year is the time when we reflect on work-life balance and consider how to adapt our careers to personal changes. It’s appraisal and promotion season, therefore companies are proactively preparing their hiring and succession strategy for the inevitable attrition.

The report states that salary is an important part of whether open jobs get filled. It concluded that it, and a lack of qualified people, are the two main reasons jobs remain open.

If you’ve got the skills and know what you want, could there be a better time to see what’s out there and cement your IT career and growth plans in 2022?

  1. Training budget or bust

The Skillsoft report goes on to state that a lack of growth and development opportunities was the top reason cited by respondents who had left a job in the past year. More than 50% of respondents said they believe training staff is the best answer. To put that in perspective, 59% of those who said they left jobs did so a lack of growth opportunities.

As a result, savvy businesses know that the most strategic investment, to beat the hiring challenges and keep their technology programs on track, is a training and development budget. The approach will demonstrate to employees, future and present, that they are valued, and it has the potential to support organisations close that widening skills gap.

Wrap up

If you’re just not feeling it (it being your job), you’re not alone. Largely driving the 60% of employees planning to leave their job in 2022, is a result of over 80% of UK employees feeling less connected to their company culture. This, according to the data from employee experience app Workvivo.

Seeing what’s out there doesn’t hurt.

Here’s a look at the latest jobs on offer to make an informed decision about your next steps.

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Have a great 2022!

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