Tech the Halls – Employer branding

By Matt Hayes | 10th November 2023

In the second of our ‘Tech the Halls’ series, we’re going to talk about employer branding and how to get your brand in front of the tech talent you need.

Employer branding is vital to securing the right talent in a highly competitive market. And, as we’re frighteningly close to the New Year, hiring tech talent will be a top priority for many organisations. With so many options available to tech talent, it takes seconds for potential hires to make judgement on whether they want to engage with your organisation.

It’s time to do the legwork to make those seconds count by ensuring that how you look, sound and feel, as an organisation, is consistent and engaging. Employer branding is what defines your organisation as stand out – reflecting the culture and values of your business authentically.

You might be thinking, “Sounds great but I don’t manage the employer branding”. We’re not talking about design and logos here. We’re talking about consistency of message – and that’s the role of everyone in the company because all employees are brand ambassadors.

What tech talent wants

There is no exhaustive list, however some off the key and consistent feedback we receive is as follows:

  1. Challenging and innovative projects – As skilled professionals, tech talent want to work on innovative projects that challenge them.
  2. Work life balance – with 2 in 5 IT professionals at risk of burnout, this is the holy grail for many technology professionals. If you missed it, we shared a great blog on striking a work-life balance in the IT industry
  3. A company culture aligned to their values – technology professionals want to work towards a shared purpose where they’re adding value in a way that aligns to them. A job is no longer just a job. Ahem, that’s your employer brand right there.
  4. Advancement & professional development – Employees want to feel that they have progression opportunities (that are clearly defined) and are supported by the organisation to develop the skills they need to grow.

Building a standout employer brand

If you’re offering all of these, that’s great. But, if you’re not talking about them, how will future employees know that you are just the organisation they’re looking for. Therefore, if your application in box is light, that’ll be why.

  1. Write a compelling job description

Professionals take seconds to skim job adverts. If they’re not hooked straight away, why would they click into the job description when there are 150 to choose from? Our next blog in our ‘Tech the Halls’ series will offer key tips on how to write a killer job ad.

  1. Articulate your vision and mission

Tech professionals’ needs are no longer dominated by salary. IT professionals want to be bought into an organisation where their company vision and mission is aligned to them – so that they feel that their efforts are contributing to something meaningful.

  1. Offer a glimpse into company life

Whether it’s showcasing your team by sharing impactful projects or a behind the scenes look at the life at your organisation, we’ll be there’s lots of content you could be using to help tech talent get a real feel for the personality of your brand.

  1. F-l-e-x-i-b-l-e working – talk about it!

Showcase your company’s approach to flexible hours, remote working options, and how you support work-life balance.

  1. Highlight learning and development opportunities

Emphasise continuous learning opportunities that employees can take advantage of. Talent in the tech industry places high value on professional growth.

These are just some of the aspects of employer branding. The reality is that there are so many small actions you could be taking to attract the best tech talent.

For hiring managers, effectively communicating these aspects of your employer brand improve your attraction of top tech talent, because you’re demonstrating what professionals get excited about in their next employer. As a result, not only will your relevant applications increase, but you will also ensure a better fit for both the employee and the organisation, improving retention.

Leverage your recruitment partner

If there’s one thing technology recruiters understand, it’s what top tech talent want from organisations. Whether it’s salary rates, benefits or remuneration ‘sweeteners’ we’ve got the inside scoop on what will attract top tech talent to your organisation.

Leveraging those insights means that you’re not wasting your time creating packages based on guesswork and then wondering why you’re inundated with applications.

That’s all part of a great recruitment partnership. There’s a reason we’ve got a 4.9 Google rating and a 5* Glassdoor rating. Not only do we have a great employer brand, but we also know how to help you develop yours.

Speak to our IT recruiters today and let’s get your New Year’s hiring off on the right foot.

Matt Hayes

Co-founder at Devonshire Hayes