Tech the Halls – How to attract a diverse talent pool when hiring

By Matt Hayes | 12th December 2023

In the last of our ‘Tech the Halls’ series, we’re going to talk about how to attract a diverse talent pool when hiring.

The technology sector is lagging when it comes to attracting a diverse talent pool when hiring.

Diversity in the workplace is a strategic advantage. From enhanced innovation and improved decision-making to long-term competitiveness in an ever-evolving global market, building a diverse workforce that is reflective of your customers is vital.

The recruitment process plays a key role in making this a reality. Your job ad serves as the first step in building a diverse and inclusive workplace ensuring you attract the most diverse range of candidates.

3 tips to improve diversity in your hiring process

  1. Craft inclusive job descriptions

One of the traps organisations fall into when writing job ads is listing 100% of what the ideal candidate ‘needs’ to succeed in the job, when realistically, only about 60% of that is necessary for a new hire. The rest is either ‘above-and-beyond’ skills or can be learned or trained on the job.

28% of tech workers are gender minorities *

Women are less likely to apply for stretch roles or to apply for jobs if they do not fit 100% of the criteria. Therefore, pare down qualifications to what is necessary only to ensure that you capture a wider talent pool. As a result, you will identify professionals who will add long-term value.

  1. Leverage diverse recruitment channels

When looking to attract a more diverse talent pool when hiring, organisations must broaden outreach. Consider posting jobs on a wide range of platforms, including those that cater to underrepresented groups in technology. For example: DiverseJobsMatter, Diversity Jobsite, LGBT Jobs, BME Jobs or Investing in Women. The more you take the initiative to find these channels, the more likely it is that your talent pools will be diverse

  1. Employee referrals

Creating a diverse candidate referral program is a great way to boost diversity in your recruitment. That’s because it’s likely that members of your team will have access to a network of potential candidates who share similar backgrounds. Therefore, highlight the benefits of employee referrals and provide guidance on encouraging diverse referrals through incentives.

Additionally, encourage employees to share jobs with their network and deliver the tools they need to make the most impact.

Diversity in leadership

Diverse candidates are motivated and inspired by the success of diverse leaders.

Companies with diverse management teams are 21% more likely to achieve high profitability, yet, ethnic diversity almost halves in senior roles from 25% to 13%*.

It’s important to increase exposure and access to diverse mentors for your teams to want to develop their career with you. Succession planning is key to achieving this positive results. Create a program that demonstrates progression opportunities, which will eliminate an uncertain future and create clarity on growth development with the possibilities of leadership roles.

Increasing diverse representation

The first impression for potential candidates is a combination of your job ad and your corporate culture, which candidates will research when looking into your organisation. To increase diversity and foster an inclusive company culture organisations need to walk the walk. Promote your diversity initiatives and share your goals on your company website and your digital channels.

Diversity in the UK tech industry is known to have its challenges. The only way to move the needle positively is to start. If you want to attract a diverse talent pool when hiring, follow these 3 key tips.

Matt Hayes



* Source: Tech Talent Charter’s Diversity in Tech report