Tech the Halls – Tech gift ideas

By Chris Devonshire | 3rd December 2023

In the fifth of our ‘Tech the Halls’ series, we’re here to give you some great tech gift ideas for colleagues under £20.

The Christmas parties are in full swing. In many cases, the company shindigs are preceded by smaller team gatherings and the (sometimes dreaded) ‘secret Santa’.

If you’re fresh out of ideas for quirky tech gift ideas that will get you noticed, then worry no more. We’ve compiled our Tech the Halls – Tech gift ideas – which is a unique list of top 10 secret Santa ideas for under £20.

Tech gift ideas

  1. Donkey Kong

Okay, not quite but if you’re old enough to remember your Nintendo games console, you’ll get a kick out of this Mini Retro Games Console for a stonkingly great price.

Description: 150 In-Built Games, 8-Bit Retro Gaming Handheld Console, 1.8” Full Colour LCD Screen Pocket Console, Immersive Sound Games Console – ThumbsUp!


  1. Fashion with a purpose

We have no idea why this is so heavily marketed towards men, but this unisex beanie (in our humble opinion) really does tick ALL the boxes. We think this is a really useful bit of kit with build in Bluetooth and headphones, what’s not to love.

Description: HANPURE Gifts for Men Bluetooth Beanie Hat – Bluetooth 5.0 Music Hat with Headphones Bonus Warm Gloves, Cool Gadgets Winter Hat


  1. For the ‘technical support’ family member

Yup, there’s always one family member that is the go-to for all technical support. Not because they’re IT professionals but largely because they know how to use a PC and mobile phone. So, this is for the professionals who’s ‘side hustle’ it is to fix their families IT issues.

Description: Computer Programmer Gift Keyring Funny Keyring Gift


  1. The ultimate boredom fighting machine

If you’re babysitting the latest release and pulling an all-nighter, here’s the perfect antidote to make your time fly (pardon the pun).

Description: Baztoy Electronic Digital Target, Auto Reset Electric Shooting Scoring Target with Light & Sound Effect


  1. A not so Silent Night

We really can’t speak to the quality of those speakers for under £20, but over 2,000 reviews mean we’ve put it on the list. I mean, in principle, it’s a winner. We’ll leave it to you to let us know if it really is.

Description: Bluetooth Speaker – Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Phone Stand, HD Surround Sound Bluetooth Speaker with Adjustable Phone Holder for Desk, Suitable for Home and Outdoors


  1. If you run cold

This could be just the ticket. Okay, so we went over by £2 but we couldn’t resist.

Description: OCOOPA UT3 Lite Magnetic Hand Warmers Rechargeable 2 pack, Electric Handwarmers Ultra Thin Light Portable for Pocket Gloves,3 Levels Heat, Up to 8 hrs


  1. Rest your head [phones]

A safe spot for your giftee’s most cherished headphones and it does exactly what it says on the tine. Even better, no more wires with the walled edges to keep any rogue wires contained.

Description: Avantree Aluminium & Silicone Desk Headphone Stand Hanger with Cable Holder for Sennheiser, Sony, Audio-Technica, Bose, Beats, AKG, Gaming Headset Display – HS102 Black


  1. No more rogue crumbs

This handy cleaning kit for laptops, tables and phones is ideal to avoid smudges and using your trousers as a substitute cleaner.

Description: Alyvisun 11 in 1 Laptop Cleaning Kit, Multifunctional Keyboard Cleaner Brush with Keycap Puller for Tablet, Phones, PC, Orange


  1. Not just for kids

Okay, so it’s marketed to kids but let’s face it, this looks like it could keep people of all ages amused. And, we couldn’t have it on the list considering how it’s doing the round on TikTok. That, and if you remember the 80s Simple Simon electronic game, this is the modern day evolution of that.

Description: Big Potato Pop it! PRO: How fast can you pop? The original light-up bubble popping brain-training game and sensory fidget toy


  1. TV on the move

So, you’re on holiday and your laptop won’t let you login to Netflix or any streaming service because you’re not in the country. We’ve all been there. Well, your phone will work and here’s a great magnifier to turn it into a decent screen size so you’re not all huddled around your phone.

Description: Newseego 12″ Thin Foldable Phone Screen Magnifier, HD Phone Amplifier with Folding Stand Holder Portable Movie Video Game Enlarger 3d Movies Phone Projector Gadgets for Gifts-Black


Give us your feedback on these tech gift ideas

If you’ve bagged any of these ideas for your secret Sant, we’d love to hear about it. We’re pretty tempted ourselves.

Have a fabulous festive break with your family or loved ones and we’ll see you in 2024.

Chris Devonshire