Tech the Halls – The gift of growth

By Chris Devonshire | 8th November 2023

As we head into the festive season, we’re launching our ‘ Tech The Halls’ series.

Over the next two months, we’ll be covering multiple technology and technology recruitment-related topics in our Tech the Halls series – starting with the gift of growth.

Organisations are already looking to the New Year and their plans for effective technology team growth.

For many of us, the promise of the New Year offers us a clean slate, an opportunity to start off on the right foot by focusing on our plans ahead. The same applies professionally to organisations that are thinking about growing and scaling their teams. Consequently, the right technology talent is crucial not only for innovation and realising your business’s ambitious technology plans but also for staying ahead of the competition. But where to start?

The gift of growth

Getting started

  1. Reflect and assess

Before forging ahead, it’s advisable to take a step back and reflect on the growth of the past year by identifying what worked and what didn’t. Understanding past hiring performance is key to achieving future hiring success.

  1. Future needs

Forecasting for the talent you need for future projects informs the skills and technology roles required. Think long-term – beyond the immediate needs to develop a scalable and sustainable growth plan.

  1. Culture fit

While skills are important, so too is cultural fit. Cultural fit is key to retention because securing the technology talent that is aligned to your vision and values, means they are invested not only in the role, but in your organisation.

  1. Employer branding

Underestimate the power of employer branding at your peril. A strong employer brand attracts strong technology talent. That’s because attracting talent today is about how you look and sound across digital channels.

Not seeing enough talent to choose from?

That could be down to several factors. That’s where recruitment agencies shine. Engaging a recruitment agency is not just about the benefits to your hiring, although that is a plus. It is also because using an IT recruitment agency has longer-reaching benefits to your company overall.

We talk about this in a recent blog, which you can read here.

But in short, the key benefits of using a technology recruitment agency is:

  1. Faster time to hire
  2. Reduced hiring costs
  3. Access to high-quality (and passive) candidates
  4. Marketing knowledge

What’s more, partnering with an IT recruitment agency for your hiring, accelerates your immediate time, financial and hiring targets.

Here’s what our delighted customers say about their Devonshire Hayes experience.

Deck your halls with technology talent

Start planning for your growth and get in front of the tech talent you need. Talk to our IT recruiters today to discuss your hiring requirements and together, we will formulate a clear plan to achieve hiring success.

Chris Devonshire

Co-founder at Devonshire Hayes