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By Matt Hayes | 18th September 2021

And the resilient IT industry

While we experienced a gloomy summer in the UK, it’s blue skies for the UK job and recruitment market.

Job vacancies have hit a record high as the UK’s labour market continues to rebound, according to the latest official figures. The number of vacancies hit 953,000 in the three months to July, according to the ONS.

Whilst the technology sector was not immune to the effects of 2020, the growth in IT jobs reflects the increasing health of the UK technology sector.

The rise of the UK tech industry as a global player

According to Tech Nation, between 2015 and 2020, UK tech companies have raised £48bn in venture capital funding. The UK has created 99 unicorn tech companies and there are 139 companies on the path to unicorn status.

London and the South East have historically boasted the highest technology hiring figures and IT jobs in the UK. Whilst this remains unchanged, the rise of IT jobs offering remote working will see other parts of the country start to increase their share in the IT and tech markets.

Good news for both technology professionals and businesses.

The thriving technology sector, supporting the UK build back stronger, increases opportunities for technology professionals and companies hiring, up and down the country.

By removing geographical barriers, remote working enables organisations to broaden their search for available tech talent, significantly increasing their pipeline of IT professionals. What’s more, great flexibility and better job satisfaction and career opportunities, means happier employees. And that equals increased retention and profit.

Hiring and technology demand

Many companies delayed hiring new employees during 2020. With the loosening of Covid restrictions, we’ve already seen the acceleration of requirements with businesses now hiring more technology professionals than ever before.

Cloud adoption was already on an upward trajectory with big players migrating processes and data to the public, private, or adopt a hybrid cloud model. Now, as small to medium sized companies follow suit, Cloud skills demand is higher than ever.

The world is relying more heavily on technology and our digital security is paramount. The rate of growth in the cyber security industry shows no sign of slowing down and we’re experiencing an increase in requirements in these roles.

Here are some of the Cloud jobs, digital transformation jobs and data & infrastructure jobs we’re recruiting for now.

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