I have worked with Devonshire Hayes on a number of vacancies and I have found them to be genuinely passionate, caring and professional. They have detailed understanding of the market as well as the needs of our Company and what we are looking for in terms of candidates. The candidates they put forward for selection are an excellent fit both culturally and technically. I highly recommend their service!

Szabina Agoston-Goodes
Senior People Advisor at HPD LendScape

Devonshire Hayes is a new age, game changing company who go about recruitment in a remarkably refreshing way. They believe in innovative, intelligent methods of sourcing, as opposed to the hard selling approach which is terribly old fashioned. They source the best candidates through every avenue possible, from meet-ups and events, to social media and online networking. This approach has yielded me to have the best technical professionals the sector has to offer, and has given Devonshire Hayes a name for impeccable delivery.

Jai Grant-Samuels
Associate Director at Hearst UK