The benefit of empowered and engaged employees

By Matt Hayes | 26th November 2021

A year in numbers

We’ve been fortunate. We know that and couldn’t be more grateful for a year with little recourse from Covid, both personally and professionally, for all of us at team DH.

Reflection is part of this time of year, for me anyway. I don’t remember being this reflective in my 20s. I’m sure it’s got zero relation to my age, just a happy coincidence.

Chris and I were out recently, for an end of week wind down drink, and we got to looking back. It started with Chris telling me that I’ve gone grey this year! Initially this took us down a path of self-deprecation over what the subtle (visual) differences are that we have witnessed in ourselves over 12 months.

The conversation quickly moved onto how we’ve grown as people. Thereafter, it detoured into what amazing experiences we’ve shared and collectively, what our team has accomplished.

Call it what you will, therapy, a reflective pause or two long-standing friends getting a bit gushy. As a result, we both left feeling upbeat and enthusiastic about the future. Here’s why.

Employee appreciation

Here are the numbers and why engaged employees are vital to any business success.

261 team lunches

It happens that we’ve built up a team of 6 incredible individuals. A full team of eight people (including Chris and myself), who get along like a house on fire and like to eat. Marrying the two turned into a comfortable routine of lunching together, daily. It’ wasn’t planned or part of a wider objective of connecting with employees. It was an organic outcome that has now taken hold as a staple in our day.

It’s not a working lunch, nor is it enforced. It’s a time to catch up, find out more about each other, celebrate personal successes and understand challenges, to offer guidance and support where we can.

Through sharing, we learn and grow together.

138 candidates placed

138 technology professionals have trusted us with their careers in 2021. It is incredibly humbling and rewarding to know that you have the capabilities to help someone make their working lives better and then actually do it.

We take the responsibility seriously.

This is a practical example of one of our guiding principles, customer above self-gain. We want to create fiercely successful customers because we’re passionate about their success.

And that’s what we’ve done – through listening and understanding. Because empathy is at the heart of co-operation and positive outcomes, for everyone.

6 hires

What a difference it makes when you hire based on your shared purpose and values. Hiring in your own likeness is a trap that many recruiters, including ourselves, have fallen into. Often resulting in low retention rates.

Exactly one year ago, we defined our purpose and the values that drive everything we do.

The result is that we know why we exist, what we’re aiming to achieve and how we’re striving to achieve it. This is under pinned by our guiding principles, what they mean and how we operate, with each other and our customers. It’s an invaluable exercise.

Only then, did we start hiring.

It made the hiring process enjoyable and easy. Because every person that has joined us is invested in our purpose, understands what is expected of them and what they can expect from us. Our brand proposition provides clarity on how we hold each other accountable, without judgement.

Using our principles as a primary interview and hiring technique has been a game-changer. As a result, we have an incredible team of unique and complementary personalities, all aligned to our shared purpose and motivated by our guiding principles. Therefore, a staggeringly high retention rate, 12 months on.

2 promotions

Really recent news from last month is that Conor Honeyball and Brandon Lobar were promoted, within their first 12 months at Devonshire Hayes.

This is one of the favourite parts of my job. Chris and I are humbled to have witnessed Conor and Brandon’s development and growth, and how they represent the company, with passion, empathy and respect.

In Conor’s words, “Being at a place that you are recognised for your work makes every day enjoyable, especially with the team we have.”

Brandon and Conor promotional lunch

1 heir

On a personal note, my wife and I welcomed one new member to ours and the Devonshire Hayes family, just over 1 year ago. Not yet employed by DH. Let’s call him a silent partner.

The DH team was so supportive during my pat leave, enabling me to spend quality time with my family, trusting and knowing that the team had everything in hand. Weirdly, I haven’t had any offers to babysit yet, but I won’t hold that against anyone.

Being a dad is one of the major motivations behind ensuring that Chris and I create an inclusive and comfortable working environment where everyone feels valued and respected.

My hope is that one day when my children enter the workforce that they too will experience this same environment we have cultivated here at Devonshire Hayes. As a result, truly loving what they do, whatever that may be.

If you had to ask for 1 reason to join Devonshire Hayes, I would say that I have six (reasons). Taylor Ironmonger, Nicola Southon, Brandon Lobar, Darcy Sims, Conor Honeyball & Kelly Robins.

Without whose efforts, dedication, humour and support, we would not be where we are today. One team collectively motivated by our shared purpose and wanting to make something better, today.

Final word (promise)

Huge thank you to these individuals who have made coming into work every day, a joy.

Merry Christmas to everyone and wishing you and your loved ones a 2022 filled with possibilities and potential.

Matt & Chris