What to expect in a technical interview?

By Matt Hayes | 13th February 2024

Technical job interviews can be intense. Your tech skills will be rigorously tested.

What can you expect in a technical interview?

Tech interviews are not designed to trick you. Understand what to expect to make preparation easier for your next tech interview.

In the first of our tech interview series, we explore the stages of the tech interview.

Tech interview stages

Tech interviews can vary. However, on average, they consist of 3 stages. Stages depend on seniority and technical requirements of the role. As a result, stage 2 and 3 may be combined.

  1. Initial phone, virtual or (now) in-person interview

  • This interview is the ‘get to know you’ stage.
  • The interview is less about the technical detail and more about your fit.
  • Expect questions to endorse your skills are aligned with the role.
  • Expect ‘human’ questions, therefore the interviewer can determine cultural fit and see that you’re serious about joining the company.
  1. Online technical capabilities assessment

  • This interview stage is more formal and longer than stage one.
  • Expect a more thorough breakdown of your CV and experience.
  • Also expect the potential of tasks or challenges, which you might have had to prepare for in advance.
  • Some questions will probe more into you and your soft skills, than your technical abilities. These questions assess you as an individual and how you react and respond in different situations.
  1. Final stage – Onsite technical interview

  • It is what it says it is. The technical interview.
  • Full exposure of your true capabilities.
  • This is the technical proficiency test. And likely the longest (and thankfully final) stage of your interview process.
  • With remote working now typical, this may be virtual or on-site. Be prepared for both.
  • You’ve got this far because you have the capabilities the company is after.

How to ace your tech interview

Technology is a competitive industry and organisations want to make sure an individual is a good fit for the company and them for you.

Here are 5 essential tips to ace your technical interview. Get interview ready and stand out as the best fit for the job.

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Good luck!

The DH team