What we do

What brought
us together

What brought us together in 2015, was our shared purpose to empower people in technology to inspire innovation and create positive change. What motivated us to build Devonshire Hayes was our shared passion to partner the best people and businesses in technology, to shape the future, together.

It is our promise to create opportunities for people to exceed their career and company ambitions with passion, empathy and respect. With over 30 years combined technology recruitment experience, we have created and scaled a business with partnership at its core, to sustain career and business success and create lasting value.

We live by five
guiding principles

Love what you do

This isn’t a job; it’s a calling, and we love it! Passion is our motivator. It encourages our curiosity to learn, be informed and be better for each other and our customers. We start each day inspired to make an impact and we get a real thrill out of our customers’ success and being part of that journey. We want to make something better, today.

Empathy for everyone

We jump right into the WHY in everything we do. When we’re better informed, we deliver better results for our customers because we take the time to understand everyone’s perspectives and needs. We listen with humility and believe that empathy is at the heart of co-operation and positive outcomes, for everyone.

Customer above self-gain

We want to create fiercely successful customers because we’re passionate about their success and results. We are committed to doing what’s best and we communicate with unwavering honesty, transparency and respect. By sharing information, mistakes and victories, we learn and grow together.

Together does better

How we get things done is as important as what we achieve. Working together gives rise to collaborative results. Our success is driven by our ability to build relationships that we care about and last well past outcomes. We support each other and our customers with trust and respect.

We choose balance

Taking a minute to stop what we’re doing allows us to appreciate each other, our customers and what we’ve achieved, collectively. We see the value of balance. We laugh, have fun, make people feel good and share the joy because being happy is good for everyone.

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