Why is my tech team leaving?

By Chris Devonshire | 8th March 2024

It’s a serious question that IT Managers must be asking yourselves if you are constantly hiring, because of attrition.

If, as an IT Manager, why is my tech team leaving, is a question keeping you up at night, then read on.

Exit interviews

IT managers are often left scratching their heads after exit interviews, trying to:

  1. figure out why people are resigning and
  2. create a solution to that problem.

But what if we looked at it a different way?

A different perspective

What if we looked at why our top tech talent CHOOSE TO STAY?

Tapping into your tech talents’ motivations now, will help you tackle your recurring retention issues.

You can either fold these into your regular 1-2-1s or you can structure regular ‘stay interviews’ – to normalise the process.

What’s key here is asking questions that you’d learn from exit interview, but you’re asking them well in advance of your tech talent feeling disengaged.

Questions to ask your leavers

Here are four key considerations to focus on:

  1. Frame of mind

Do not get defensive. Regardless of what is shared, you’re not there to solve the problem immediately. Instead, you’re there to listen to their frame of mind, and help understand what you could implement to help with their struggles.

  1. Connections

Friendship at work, particularly in technology, which is a highly focused role, can be the difference between a good performer and a top performer. In fact, Gallup has found a strong link between having a best friend at work and employee performance. Therefore, ask who they feel most connected to at work and, based on their response, consider ways to deepen those connections. For example, shared projects.

  1. Barriers

The single biggest motivational action IT managers can take is to remove barriers. Therefore, a pivotal question to ask is, what barriers can I remove? Then communicate how this can be achieved, together.

  1. Learning

Instead of asking what they can do for your company, consider the opposite of that. What new thing do they want to learn that will get them excited and help them grow. By creating this opportunity for your employees, you are fostering their development and in turn, increasing loyalty.

Keeping your tech talent

Retaining your top tech talent, in this highly competitive market, is not easy. It takes proactive employee engagement plan.

We speak to tech talent every day and know what they’re looking for and why the choose to join companies. Whether it’s advice on what your tech talent wants or if you’re hiring, Devonshire Hayes can help.

Speak to our team of technology recruiters today to get the ball rolling.

Chris Devonshire