Why use an IT recruitment agency when hiring?

By Chris Devonshire | 12th April 2024

We all know the basics of what a recruitment agency does. But why use an IT recruitment agency when hiring? And are all recruitment agencies created equal?

Engaging a recruitment agency is not just about the benefits to your hiring, although that is a plus. It is also because using an IT recruitment agency has longer-reaching benefits to your company overall.

Here’s why.

5 benefits of using an IT recruitment agency when hiring

  1. Faster time to hire

Recruitment agencies can secure candidates faster than companies. It’s not a brag, it’s our job. One reason is because of the network that recruitment agencies have cultivated with in-demand IT talent throughout their years in business. That, and it’s our business to access these candidates quickly.

Therefore, recruitment agencies have invested in technologies to locate those IT professionals with hard-to-find skills.

  1. Reduced hiring costs

Recruitment agencies pre-screen and reference candidates more quickly than hiring companies because they have the technology and systems to accelerate this process. Therefore, hiring organisations are only getting relevant candidates with the right skills presented to them.

Not only are the candidates relevant, but these IT professionals are serious about the role and keen to get started have the skills needed. As a result, reducing: not only the effort and time of having to sift through many CVs to find that jewel, but also the long-term costs of mis-hiring.

  1. Access high-quality candidates only

Hiring organisations have a higher chance of engaging with high-quality candidates when working in partnership with an IT recruitment agency. We speak to IT candidates daily. It’s what we do. We cultivate long-standing relationships with the professionals that you need. We know their skills set and screen them accordingly, adding them to our network and cultivating those relationships throughout their career.

As a result, we’ve got the IT talent that hiring organisations need, just a call away.

  1. Market knowledge

Because of the high volume of conversations we have with our clients and candidates, daily, and the intricate searches we do, recruiters build up a significant understanding of the sectors in which they operate.

The bonus of working with a niche recruitment agency is that we’re 100% focused on IT and technology. And so too, is our knowledge.

  1. More than recruitment

Hiring the talent you need might be your number one priority, and our super power, but that’s not all. Recruitment is so much more than that. Organisations that use recruitment agencies to secure IT professionals receive the benefit of market, hiring and candidate insights. These include: salary rates, benefits and remuneration ‘sweeteners’ that candidates are looking for, that will swing them in your favour. These insights aren’t limited to just your organisation, but the full technology market.

Therefore, you’re not wasting your time creating packages that you think candidates want, leaving you scratching your head as to why you’re not getting an abundance of applications. Instead, you’ll receive access to valuable information and market trends, that you otherwise may not have.

It’s not the only benefit. Recruiters are perfectly placed to support you with interviewing, career development, team structure recommendations and contract support.

Are we the best IT recruitment agency?

Engaging an IT recruitment agency for your hiring, accelerates your immediate time, financial and hiring targets. As a result, for all these reasons, partnering with a respected and trusted recruitment agency benefits your company overall.

We’re not saying we’re the best IT recruitment agency out there. Realistically, how does one even measure that? What we can say is that we consistently delivery what our clients need. Our 4.9* Google rating and 5* Glassdoor rating, demonstrates why Devonshire Hayes must be your next call if you are struggling to hire the IT professionals your business needs.

Here’s what our delighted customers say about their Devonshire Hayes experience.

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Chris Devonshire

Co-founder at Devonshire Hayes